Some of the activities that the Group involve their members in are:


  • Canoeing/ Kayaking

The Group regularly takes its members canoeing/ kayaking during the summer months. Most members have never been in a canoe/ kayak before they join the Group, so this is a great experience for them. The Group has 6 staff who are qualified canoe/ kayak instructors, at different levels.

  • Rock Climbing

Many of the staff are rock climbing enthusiasts and we have two professionally qualified leaders, (a number of others will soon become qualified also). Consequently,  this has become another a main activity of the Group. We travel to as far as North Wales or as near as Helsby for outdoor climbs in the summer and use the indoor  climbing wall at Warrington  during the winter.


  • Mountaineering

Mountaineering, is one of the Groups best activities, ranging  from a simple hill walk to an all out scramble up a Mountain, The members of the Group can feel a real sense of achievement, when finally after maybe 2-3 hours they are at the summit of a mountain that they thought they could never climb. It’s a fun day out and enjoyed by everyone. The Group has two professionally qualified Leaders and a number of others who are working towards this award.


  • Map Reading

This is a very important skill for members of the Group during both mountaineering and training for the Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition. Skills are usually worked on during the autumn/ winter session at the Group building.

  • Sponsored Events  

Since The Moulton Adventure Group is a charity, sometimes its members aid with fund raising for itself and other worthy causes. Before now such fund raising activities have involved litter picks around the village and stalls at fairs.

  • Quizzes / Brain teasing activities

The Group arranges a lot of activities, from quizzes to problem solving  that involve its members having to think their way out of. These are designed to improve navigation and other key skills.

  • Fast Moving Games

The Group ensures that there are a lot of fast moving games throughout the year for its  members. These range from things like non-stop cricket and quoits to ‘The tyre game’  and  squadron races.

  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award (+14)

The Duke of Edinburgh Award can be pursued through the Group and is one of the main activities for the +14 year old members of the adventure unit. The Group aids members to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. It proves to be a very enjoyable experience with a recognised award at the end of it.
Websites: Duke of Edinburgh Award Official Website.


  • Camping

One of the Moulton Adventure Group’s most memorable activities for its members is the annual camp. Usually in for 1 week August, the members join in with a range of activities, many of which are featured above.

  • Nights out

The Moulton Adventure Group organise a number of nights out for their members during the year. These can range from roller skating to bowling.