The Staff

Lyndsey Mitchell- Group Leader 


I became a member through my dad when I was 7 years old (but had been coming camping with him since I was 4). I have gone through all 3 groups and became junior staff at 16, I then got the opportunity to become staff and I took over the Adventure Unit in 2012. In June 2013 at the AGM I got voted to become the group leader which I must say is an honour, I have loved every single minute being in the group and I will continue to be apart of this group for years to come.
Qualifications: CRB, food hygiene, REC first aid, health and safety, safeguarding, Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award.


Sarah Comboy- Eagles Leader


I joined the group in 2010 through Lynda and mike, I started helping out with the DofE and then went on to the eagles when my son started.
I then got asked to become the Eagles Leader which made me so proud to be given this opportunity.
Qualifications: Mountain Leader training, CRB, safeguarding, first aid.


Mike Hubbard – DofE Leader – Trustee

I have been a member of the Group since 1990, when I joined as a young person. I have been an active leader in the Group since I turned 18 in 1996. I am a keen rock climber, mountaineer and kayaker.
Qualifications: Youth Worker Award, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene REC First Aid, Mountain Leader, Life Saver, Kayak Level 2 Coach, 3 Star Open Canoe, Bronze, Silver & Gold DofE.


Andrew Wilson – Treasurer


I have been a member of the group since 1995, I joined as a member of the Ad-u section and then stayed on as a member of staff.
I’ve ran the Eagles and AD-u sections at some point over the years, have been the secretary however my current role is Treasurer.
Qualifications Basic First Aid. (Think my Kayaking qualifications are well out of date).


Teresa Hanson-Isasi – Youth Leader – Secretary 


I have been a a member of the Group since 2013, when I joined as a Youth Leader. I have supported all groups with different activities and have attended summer camps since 2013. I am a keen rock climber, mountaineer and kayaker. I am a secondary teacher and enjoy working with young people in a classroom as well as in the real world, sharing the same interests.
Qualifications: REC First Aid, Kayak and Open boat Level 1 Coach , 3 Star Kayak, Foundation and White Water Safety and Rescue.


Daryl Mitchell – Youth Leader – Trustee

I have been a member of the Group since 1973, when I joined as a young person. I have been an active leader in the group since I turned 18 in 1981. I am a keen kayaker, rock climber and mountaineer, and have been leading young people in these activities since the late 80’s.
Qualifications: Youth Worker Award, Basic First Aid, Rock Climbing Supervisor Award (SPSA), Kayak Level 2 Coach, 3* Open Boat, Mountain Leader (ML), NSPCC Child Protection.


Les Burgess – Youth Leader & one of the founder members

I was interested in adventurous activities from a young age when I gained my Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s award at the age of 17, being one of the first in Cheshire ever to hold this award. I served on the local DofE committee from the age of 18, when Geoff Crompton mentioned that he would like to set up a youth group in Moulton. I thought it was a good opportunity to get involved in youth work further. I have enjoyed every minute of being involved in the roup since the start in 1969.
Qualifications: Youth Worker Award, Basic First Aid, Bronze, Silver & Gold DofE.


Dr Phil Ashton – Youth Leader – Trustee.

I have been involved with the Group since the early days progressing from a young member of a section to staff officer. Over this period of time I have, at some point, held each of the management offices, witnessed many changes and enjoyed knowing many of the characters who have come, gone and inevitably taken something of the Group with them. Even now, 30+ years on, it is especially gratifying that the MAG continues to adhere to its fundamental principles and values embodied in its motto and promise. I thoroughly enjoy rock climbing now, if it is with other staff officers on a windy (and usually wet!) rock face in Wales/ Lakes or the more drier surroundings of a warm indoor wall with the younger members of the Group.

Qualifications: Rock Climbing Supervisor Award (SPSA), Youth Worker Award, Basic First Aid, 2*


David Edwards – Youth Leader

I joined the Group in 1986 at the age of six. I specialise in running the kayaking within the Group. I am a keen cyclist and climber. I enjoy running the Group as much now as I did participating as a child in 1986.

Qualifications: Youth Worker Award, REC First Aid, Kayak Level 2 Coach.


James Gatrell – Youth Leader

I joined the group in 2011 after leaving the Army and seeing the activities my sister got up to when with the group.  Having completed my Gold DofE as a youth I wanted to be part of the DofE again and help others achieve there awards.

Qualifications: First Aid, Child protection and safeguarding, Children’s online safety, Bronze, Silver & Gold DofE, 2* power boating, BSAC ocean driver, Youth sports leader award.


Tony Denton – Youth Leader



David Pimlott – Youth Leader

I was a junior member of the Group in the late 70’s and had loads of fun. When my two daughters Sarah and Natalie joined, I got the bug all over again.

Qualifications: 2*, 3* ww kayak, 3* canoe, F S R , bcu coaching young paddlers endorsement course, level 1 bcu paddlesports coach, basic awareness safegarding course, first aid cert, food hygiene cert, health & safety cert and mini bus cert


Lynda Hubbard – Youth Leader

I got involved in the Group though my husband Mike. I am currently helping Mike with the DofE section.
Qualifications: BELA, Basic First Aid


Carl Mitchell – Youth Leader

I have been around the Group for as long as I can remember through my father and attended my first camp at the age of 4.I also am enjoying the outdoor life which I learned through my time with the Group. I still am involved in the Group’s activities whenever I can be, and have particular skills in kayaking and climbing.

Qualifications: Youth Worker Award, BCU Inland Kayak Level 3 Coach, SPA, Mountain Leader Award, 4 Star Inland Kayak, 5 Star Inland Kayak Training, 3 Star Open Canoe, REC Level 2 First Aid, Bronze & Gold DofE


Sarah Pimlott-Smith – Youth Leader

I have been involved with the Group since I was a young girl. I have attained my Bronze and Silver DofE through the Group and I am working towards my Gold. The Group has inspired me to do outdoor education as a career, and I’m now working at an outdoor centre.

Qualifications: Level 2 Kayak Coach, 3* Kayak, 2* Open Canoe, BCU Aquatic First Aid, Canoe Safety Test, Junior Sports Leader Award, Bronze and silver.


Charlotte Smith – Junior Youth Leader


I joined the group when I was 12 as a couple of my friends that were already members suggested it to me as they thought I would love it. I have had tons of fab experiences and learnt loads from being in both the Aventure Unit and DofE sections. I therefore aim to become a member of staff so I cam help to give other members the opportunity to have as great a time as I still do, and coach them through their Duke of Edinburgh awards. I would like to gain mountaineering and climbing qualifications so I can take groups out and give something back to MAG.
Qualifications: REC first aid, Bronze,Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh award.


George Sharrock – Junior Youth Leader