Online Saftey

Moulton Adventure Groups Web Policy.

  1. Young people will only be referred to by  their first names on the web site. Young peoples work will be labelled  so that the children can take pride in their work, but only with their  first names.
  2. It will not possible for children to be identified from images. Photo’s will only be labelled generically.
    For example:Senior section climbing at the wall ( a group activity).

    The winner of the MAG most adventurous person award (a specific award to a particular person).

    The members enjoying Annual Camp ( a group activity).

  3. There will be no way to contact the young  people directly through the web site. All e-mail to the MAG web site  will be screened by staff officers before the members can access it.
  4. Should a parent wish for any of their  child’s image or work not to appear on the web site (or for specific  pictures to be removed), then this will be respected. Simply contact  the web administrator via the web site and this instruction will be  processed. Alternatively, contact the Group Leader or Secretary at the  MAG HQ.

Yours faithfully

Sarah Comboy

Should you suspect anything while using the internet please report this to the site admin or email CEOP with the button below.